Water filter

tumblr_mdw6t1ujyy1qcieaco1_500A water filter from 1888! “Such filtrant can be used as suits the idea of the bottler constructing it; but as this filter is composed of the simplest materials – sand and charcoal – no trouble will be experienced in securing them. The filter is arranged from a 50-gallon wine cask with a false bottom, perforated; on this a layer of gravel, then alternate layers of charcoal and white, clean sand, an

d top layer of excelsior, with perforated cover ten inches from the top, and a discharge-pipe or over-flow four inches from the top. A cross-bar of wood, four inches square, is held across the head of the barrel, through the centre of which a common wooden headed screw held the filter in solid mass. A discharge-cock in the bottom of the barrel, when opened, carries off the sediment, and the closing of the feed-pipe allows the filter to clear itself. Instead of excelsior shown in illustration coarse gravel may be substituted, and if the inside of the barrel and the perforated cover be charred, this would be an improvement and exercise a preserving action on both filter and water.”

Source:  “A Treatise On Beverages or The Complete Practical Bottler”, by Charles Herman Sulz. 1888. #thewholeworldgrumbleswithyou@tumblr


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